Writing Skills Essentials - for Stories, Essays and Assignments

First - Which writing category are you working with? Each of the above has certain requirements (see below).

Second ascertain how long is it meant to be - how many words or pages.


1/. Plan how you are going to work on your writing project. Do an action plan outline of what's needed.

2/. Do your research.

3/. Make some dot points about what you are going to include.

4/. Start building your 'project'. Use small paragraphs consisting of several sentences. (This makes the reading easier and it's easier to absorb all the information).

5/. Have an eye catching intro.

6/. Have a sound conclusion.

7/. Do a spelling and grammar check. Only use the UK English Spell Checker and not the US English, The I, S, Z and Y's are different.

8/. Re-read what you have written.

9/. Submit only when you have done your best! But ensure you submit within the required period to avoid losing marks!



Require five main elements: character, setting, conflict, plot and theme.


The Essentials:

  • Your point of view, supported by ideas, arguments and evidence.
  • A clear structure, including an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.
  • A summary and analysis of other writers' research and opinions.
  • A reference list, as applicable of resources researched.
  • Give yourself a timeline for completion.


Are more demanding than essays and follow a more complex structure.

Firstly you need to read and re-read the requirements asked for in the assignment.

Analyse the topic. Before you start researching or writing, take some time to analyse the assignment topic to make sure you know what you need to do.

Then: Read through the topic a few times to make sure you understand it, then think about:

  • The learning objectives listed in the course profile – understand what you should be able to do after completing the course and its assessment tasks
  • The criteria you'll be marked on – find out what you need to do to achieve the grade you want
  • The questions you need to answer – then you need to explain the topic in your own words.
  • Referencing is also an essentiality of an assignment.

For both Essays and Assignments ensure they are handed in on the due by date and never later, as marks are usually deducted for late hand-ins.

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