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Photo display galleries are the primary function of my website.

My website features many photos taken from places I have visited over the years and captured them on my cameras. All photos published on this website are there for entertainment, viewing and downloading, by all.

I have also published many of my photos of favourite places visited overseas - Singapore Hong Kong and Vietnam - especially - Hoi An (Ancient City) on the really beautiful Thu Bon River, or if you like the dry deserts and sand dunes as well as exceptionally high rise buildings then the Abu Dhabi and Dubai pages are there for viewing, or packed together multiple high rise buildings as well as housing in Hong Kong.

Local visited places in Australia include - Sapphire Beach (my beach), on the Coffs Coast. The photo galleries for these and many more places are located on the Links Page and on the Au Places Visited photo galleries pages.

Also there is and Online Lesson Materials Link, for my ESL and English students

I have also my published free history EBooks which are available for (current) download here, as PDFs.

My latest local area photo galleries are in the Coffs Area and Surrounds link (above).

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