Story Telling (and Story Writing) Skills.

Here are some helpful ideas in high order story writing, for children (as well as adults).

Take on the role/s of your character/s.

In describing things use plenty of detail, make it interestimg and exciting.

Be colourful.

Use some pictures and describe the story. (A picture can often tell 1000 words).

Use humour, where applicable to describe an event/events.

Have fun in your writing and story telling experience/s.

Use dot points to help you plan what you are going to write about. The dot points become your writing checklist.

When you think you are almost done, re-read what you have written. It usuually happens that you add more, as an after thought. New ideas jump out at you.

Don't think of your writing as a lesson, chore or a time filler. Think of it as being a lesson of life and enjoying it. There will be times in your later education - in senior years at high school and university that assignments will porve challenging and sometimes boring. Jump over that fence and "take on the challenge". Expressing yourself, your feelings, your likes, dislikes and using your imagination goes a long way to make writing, acting, playing the role of the character/s a whole heap of fun!

When I judge students performing in the Tournament of Minds yearly challenge, I enjoy seeing students taking on the challenge to well. It's a real buzz to watch and learn from them! For 10 years plus I taught students how to "extend themselves and take on the character roles they are performing". I have taken quite a few teams to State Championships, having won the Region event. An exhilarating experience for all!